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Terms of the contract

Booking realization website confirms that the customer has read and agreed to the terms of the contract. In addition, it is confirmation that the contact lenses, purchased through the website appointed specialist (ophthalmologist or optician), which monitors the patient’s visual condition by means of screening at least once a year. assumes no responsibility if lenses harm to health, because the customer buys only the lenses that have been tested and prescribed by doctor. Selling glasses we have to be sure that their graduation corresponds to that referred to a specialist (ophthalmologist or optician).

Estheroptica gives us the right to change prices, which are indicated on our website and also allows edit any type of errors: computer, technical, and also such as price, glasses color, etc., regardless of the fact that we pay special attention to avoid mistakes.

Estheroptica has the right to cancel the order, even when the booking is confirmed, if it contains false or inaccurate information.

Sending – receiving price

Up to 90 euro shipping fee is 10 euro for Lithuania, Italy and Europe, and 50 euro for the rest of the world. When purchasing 90 euro or more, the shipping service is free of charge for Italy, Lithiania, and for other EU countries and 50 euro for yhe rest of the world , item will be delivered to the specified address 7 w. days via UPS courier. The urgent delivery fee 24-48 hours by DHL courier is  20 euro for Lithuania and Europe.
(the item will be delivered to the address specified by courier).

In this case, when ordered progressive glasses, delivery time become longer for progressive glasses regulatory in frame type. The maximum time for these glasses are made 10 days. If this type of goods were booking, we will inform client of the possible delivery time by e-mail.

Customs duty and other fees

Duty, if counted, paid by the customer. If a customer refuses to pay the duty, Etheroptica not return the payment for the purchase of goods and does not take product back.


Sunglasses and corrective glasses - 2 years. During the warranty period, defects caused by the manufacturer's fault are repaired free of charge using original parts. The glasses are returned to the central warehouse and after the defects have been removed, they are sent to the buyer, the shipping costs are paid to the seller. Defects in the glasses due to violations of the instructions for use of the glasses * (see instructions for the use of glasses) cannot be considered a warranty event.
In the event of damage to the glasses or a high degree of wear due to neglect of the glasses, refunds and free repairs are not possible even before the end of the warranty period.
Total natural wear and tear of the glasses is not a warranty event. Decreased gloss of spectacle frames or scratches on lenses due to environmental factors shall not be treated as a defect of the manufacturer.
Frameless and semi-frameless spectacle lenses are in many cases part of the supporting structure, so extreme care must be taken when using this type of spectacle. Breaking or tearing the spectacle lenses due to negligence is not a warranty event.

* Instructions for use of glasses:
Corrective spectacles and custom-made spectacles are classified as medical devices.
Glasses should only be used for their intended purpose. Custom-made glasses are intended to be worn only by the person according to the prescription for which they were made.
Do not use corrective goggles as eye protection, they are not suitable for working with machines or harmful chemicals.
Protect your glasses from the heat, do not leave them in the car, sauna, etc. in the summer. Sudden temperature fluctuations can damage the lenses or frames of the glasses.
Only put on and take off the glasses with both hands. This will protect the glasses from deformation of the frames.
Keep glasses in a cool, closed case without carrying them.
Place the glasses in the case with the lenses facing up to avoid touching hard objects.
Clean the glasses only with the means for cleaning the glasses: wipes, cleaners.
Periodically check that the shape of the glasses and the position of wearing them are correct.
Do not repair the glasses yourself.

Contact lenses: 100% free replacement for defective contact lenses.

Customer data and use privacy

All customer data are processed accordingly the European Regulation 679/2016. Personal data and details of the order are included in the appropriate data bank (order and delivery formulation, as well as news about sending client to the e. Mail). The customer may at any time request a change, or delete data concerning him.

The customer’s credit card data is processed only in the corresponding server have no access to it.

Exchange & Returns

The customer has the right to return the product within 14 days (from the date of receipt). The courier's receipt is a confirmation of the delivery date of the goods. Returned goods must be unused and undamaged. One of the requirements is to keep the original packaging. If you wish to return or replace your sunglasses or frames within 14 days of purchase, we require that you return the entire product. Including the package, the spectacle case, everything inside the package, any cleaning cloths and any identification stickers or labels. In other words, the product must be exactly the same as when received. The product is not complete for return if at least one of these items is missing. We do not accept goods back if something is missing or the item is damaged. It is also necessary to attach an invoice. Purchasing corrective glasses are medical devices (instruments) made to the consumer's individual order, therefore, refunds are not possible for purchased and non-worn, high-quality glasses that do not like color, shape, etc. Other non-returnable items: colored contact lenses, opened contact lens packs, and any other used item.
When returning, the customer must indicate in writing the reason for returning the goods. Returns without a reason are not possible.

Return Method: The buyer pays all return costs by sending to the address provided by the seller. Proof that you have sent the returned goods - the return code or registration number of the returned consignment. Always make sure you have it, as you may need it in case of any problems with the returned parcel.
Each of our products has a special label with the company logo. It is not possible to return the product if it is removed or otherwise damaged.

Estheroptica returns the amount paid by the customer to the bank account specified by him.

By repaying the customer must indicate in writing of the reason returned goods.

Address for return:

Estheroptical - Via Tiburtina Valeria 112 km - Cappelle dei Marsi (AQ) - 67068 Italy

General Terms shall apply to commercial transactions made on our site in the case.


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